Why do you meet in a school? When will you get a building of your own?
There are several reasons why Ignite Sunnyland Church meets in Beverly Manor Middle School.
• It helps us fulfill our mission: As a brand new church and like all Christ honoring churches, our goal is to impact the community in which we are for Christ. By being in the middle school, we have the opportunity to build relationships with not only people in the community but also those who work at the school. Through these relationships, it is our desire to serve the community and to show them the love of Christ.
• It is cost effective: Meeting in a school is much more cost effective than having a building and paying a mortgage, utilities, maintenance, etc. This allows us to use our resources to reach others for Christ and put our resources in places that impact lives.
• It helps others to grow in their relationship with Christ: While we are crazy and love being a portable church, it does take some energy and effort to set-up and tear-down every week. This process though gets people involved much more quickly. Service is a primary way we grow in Christ, therefore, meeting in a school helps the church mature more quickly in their walk with Christ.

Is Ignite – Sunnyland affiliated with anyone?
a. Yes, we are actually affiliated with two different organizations. First we are a daughter campus of Ignite Church – Peoria. Paul and Stephanie and some others on our launch team were part of that campus before coming over and starting the Sunnyland Campus. You can check them out at www.IgniteChurch.org
b. We are also connected with an organization called Converge. (www.converge.org). Converge is a network of churches which voluntarily partner together to encourage one another and also dream and work together to raise up leaders and plant churches around the United States and around the world. We also therefore are affiliated with their regional network Converge Mid-America. (www.convergemidamerica.org)

Are there any other Ignite churches in the area?
Yes, see answer above, and we would love to see other Ignite Churches all over the Peoria region. If you are interested in being a part of that type of movement as a church planter resident or an intern we would love to talk to you. You can find out more information at www.IgniteChurchSunnyland.org/church-planting

What do you believe?
We believe in Jesus…..and the rest comes out of that…..For a more detailed look you can check out our statement of faith here: www.ignitechurchsunnyland.org/our-beliefs

Where do you meet?
a. Sunday Worship Gatherings: Currently we meet at Beverly Manor School in Washington, IL. (1014 S. School Street, Washington, IL)
b. Office: 401 NE Jefferson St. Peoria, IL
c. Mid-Week: We meet in people’s homes for our Growth Groups.

How do I find out more about Ignite Sunnyland?
a. Call the church office (309-673-6011) and ask for Paul. He’d love to meet you for coffee and discuss Ignite Church Sunnyland with you and answer all your questions.
b. Attend one of our Sunday services at 10:00 am at Beverly Manor School in Washington, IL. (1014 S. School Street, Washington, IL)

How do I get plugged into a ministry?
Once you know the ministry in which you want to serve, you can either tell Paul or let the person leading that ministry know you’re interested in serving and they can get you set up to observe the ministry until you feel comfortable serving. After that, the leader will get you on the rotation schedule for serving in that ministry.

How much time is involved in helping with the set-up/tear-down?
It takes about two hours to set-up on Sunday morning and an hour to tear down.

Do you have children’s church? If so, what ages?
Yes, we have two children’s classes that meet during the adult service:
a. Little Sparks – Birth to Kindergarten
b. Ignite Kids – First to Fifth grade

What can I expect at a normal Sunday Service?
Show up – it’s casual. Come as you are. You’ll be here just over an hour.
Arrive a few minutes early to grab a cup of coffee and a donut and get the kids checked in at Ignite Kids or Little Sparks.
Plan on being warmly welcomed, no matter who you are.
Find people like you – they’ll be everywhere.
Listen to some great, high-energy music by our awesome house band.
Get ready to be encouraged, filled up, and inspired by a message that’s engaging, hope-filled and relevant to your life!

During our worship gathering, we encourage kids to participate in our children’s ministry, a fun-filled, age-appropriate place where they can learn about and experience God’s love.

What service areas do you have and where do you need help?
We can use help in every service area. The current service areas include:
a. Set-Up & Tear Down
b. First Impressions
c. Hospitality
d. Little Sparks
e. Ignite Kids
f. Worship
g. Technical (lights, sound, media)
h. Service Team (i.e. SnackPac, etc.)