Ignite Kids and Little Sparks

Kids are very special to God and they are very special to us!   As Ignite Church - Sunnyland one of our priorities is to create an atmosphere where kids have loads of fun, experience God’s love, and learn to trust Him … all in a safe, nurturing environment.

In our Little Sparks - Sunnyland (Birth - Kindergarten), our youngest children will experience what it means to be loved by God and to discover more of His amazing world. We know that young children learn through play – and in Little Sparks, we play a lot! Kids will hear stories from the Bible, learn about Jesus and engage in age-appropriate activities that help little people grow. In addition, we have a special area for our littlest kiddos where they experience lots of love and play with our kid-friendly volunteers.

In our Ignite Kids - Sunnyland classroom, we strive to create a place where kids can be kids – having fun, being active, asking questions, exploring their own faith, and absorbing God’s promises. Ignite Kids is the place where kids 1st – 5th grade engage in fun activities, lessons, worship, and relationships that help them learn about who God is and how He wants to be part of their lives. Ignite Kids is an awesome, safe place to grow!

If you have questions or want to plug in to help on our kids team, you can e-mail Paul at